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FiT Family: The El Akkads

The El Akkad family has been part of FiT Athlete for nearly 8 years, but 2020 was the first time I felt full commitment from all of them, and the results have been amazing! Dalila has recently said FiT Athlete has made "training time the highlight of their days.” They are proof that consistency breeds results. And what better way to become more Fit, than as a FAMILY!

Here are a few of their highlights from 2020:


Has dropped more than 20 pounds and has avoided surgery on his shoulder, while improving his tennis game.


Has increased her mobility, strength, overall drive, and used fitness as a healthy balance for her busy work schedule.


His endurance, strength, and stability are 10x better than in 2019. Adam has recently come in the top 3 for our Muhammad Ali Challenge, and his pushups went from non-existent to top notch!

The El Akkad family did not let the coronavirus pandemic stop them from staying active, and reaching their goals. They used this time to get into the best shape of their lives, mostly via Zoom training

multiple times a week. For the holidays, they even chose to gift themselves a basement full of FiT Athlete recommended workout equipment!

FiT Athlete is so proud of their dedication and we are excited to share their story.

Hopefully they inspire you and your family to stay healthy and fit together! Keep up the great work Dalila, Adam, and Tarek!

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