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Is Your State Happy and Healthy?

The HAPPIEST states this past year were:

  1. Hawaii - With no surprise, Hawaii ranks as the HAPPIEST and towards the healthiest, ranking towards the top in "emotional and physical well being" and "community and environment". It also has a very low level of obesity, smoking, and pollution.

  2. Utah - Highest volunteer rate and lowest separation and divorce rate.

  3. Minnesota - 3rd safest, 4th in work environment and emotional/physical well-being

  4. New Jersey - 2nd for emotional and physical well-being and lowest in adult depression and suicide rates, which also promote outdoor lifestyles.

  5. Maryland - 3rd in emotional and physical well-being

The HEALTHIEST states this past year were:

  1. Vermont - lowest percentage of uninsured population

  2. Massachusetts - Lowest infant mortality rate

  3. Hawaii - Low prevalence of obesity

  4. Connecticut - Lowest prevalence of smoking

  5. Utah - Lowest percentage of children in poverty

When looking at the top 10-20 healthiest and happiest states, they are most likely states with mountains, beaches, and motivation to be outdoors and in nature, as opposed to states away from both which motivate people to be indoors and sedentary. The healthiest states are also states that have more initiatives that promote health and wellness, as opposed to fast food and unhealthy lifestyles. As humans we need natural light, exercise, nature, a social system, a healthy environment, and a source of value.

The LEAST HAPPY states:

  1. West Virginia - Lowest ranking in physical and emotional well-being and work environment

  2. Arkansas - High percentage of children in poverty

  3. Oklahoma - high prevalence of smoking

  4. Louisiana - High cardiovascular death rate

  5. Kentucky - 3rd lowest emotional and physical well-being


  1. Mississippi - High Prevalence of obesity

  2. Louisiana - High cardiovascular death rate

  3. Arkansas - Highest percentage of children in poverty

  4. Alabama - High prevalence of diabetes

  5. Oklahoma - High prevalence of smoking

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