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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Part II

People have become absolutely pain-resistant and anything that puts them in discomfort is bad, and must be solved immediately. If you feel pain or discomfort, that is a message from your body that something is changing or off whether you are sore from a workout, you just had a surgery, you bumped into something, or you tried a new sport.  Take a minute and feel the pain and learn from it.  Make sure you do your best as an athlete to differentiate between injury pain, and discomfort that may actually be beneficial to you.  If it’s injury pain, use RICE (REST ICE COMPRESSION ELEVATION) “Pain is the only friend that always tells the truth.”  If it’s fatigue or discomfort, it’s probably just new to your brain or body and you need to adapt to this new stimulus by “suffering” a little until you achieve growth. If you feel uncomfortable because you are in an ice bath, know the benefits are worth the 3 minutes of cold.  If you bumped your shin on a stair, take a few breaths and concentrate on calming your mind, and the pain will hopefully soon subside.  If you are doing a high-volume or slow eccentric workout program, know your muscles will be burning and fatigued, but after some nutritious food and adequate rest your body will come back stronger!   In the words of the Marines, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

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